Approach – How I Help

Alana’s counselling is grounded in the knowledge and belief that:

  • All of us carry the core inner strength and resiliency to grow and heal.
  • We are all innately worthy of being heard and seen, of dignity and respect.

Alana supports each of her clients’ ability to walk the path of health and healing – when you choose to take the step and are given the time, space and support to grow.

Alana works with you to understand your needs and goals. Who you are. Where you are at, right now. She is grounded in understanding and being kind to all parts of ourselves. Being compassionate about our experiences. Our emotions. They are all part of your identity and your day-to-day life.

Alana has experience with a wide range of issues and concerns. She specializes in supporting those who have experienced trauma – and the truth is we have all experienced trauma – something that harmed us emotionally, mentally and/or physically.

Understanding the connection between our emotional, mental and physical well-being led Alana to training and expertise in EMDR – a technique that allows you to process traumatic memories that are held in both your mind and body that continue to impact your daily life, to put the past behind and live healthier in the present.

Alana is confident in your worthiness. In your core inner strength. Your ability to choose health. The mind’s ability to heal. All while knowing we’re human, and life is a struggle. Counselling will have its movements forwards and backwards, and with each step she will be curious and compassionate.

If you’re interested in understanding some of Alana’s main approaches more, here are some links:

mindful self-compassion, internal family systems, emotion-focused therapy and EMDR.

Individual Therapy

Alana works primarily with individuals age 16+. With 12 years’ experience, she has knowledge and experience working with a variety of struggles related to:

Anxiety, Depression, Eating Disorders, Identity, Stress, Self-harm/suicidal ideation, Trauma, Abuse (childhood, domestic, sexual, emotional), PTSD, grief, family of origin issues, parenting, life transitions, Self-Worth, coping skills, peer relationships, spirituality, and relationship issues.

*For clients under age 16, a parent or legal guardian must be present to give consent by reading and signing the informed consent form.

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